Unique history
and tradition in Åre

About us

Thomassons Gård boasts a unique history and tradition. The farm, now carefully renovated, is one of the oldest ones in central Åre. This is where reindeer owner and legendary photographer Nils Thomasson moved with his family in 1916. Many of the photographs taken in Åre in the beginning of the 20th century were taken by Nils Thomasson. Åre was not only an emerging tourist resort; the village was a strategic node for the Sami communities in the surrounding area. Here they would find a bed for the night and the conversations around the dinner table often elaborated on strategies and plans to increase the understanding of the conditions for reindeer farming and clarify the Sami people’s rights.

Åre has by now celebrated 100 years as a winter sports resort and the family has also been actively involved in alpine skiing. Nils’ daughter Brita Thomasson won Åre’s first gold medal and her younger sister Sara Thomasson took the slalom bronze in Åre at the World Ski Championships in 1954.

Today the family is still running the business and we are proud upholders of the Sami heritage. This is our way of carrying traditions forward and contributing towards Åre’s further development.